a lil something to think about

So often, we set ourselves up for pain. Life is busy. It’s hard to take time to really pay attention to the things going on around us, sometimes. However, if you don’t, then YOU are fbresponsible for those tears you’re crying over someone who hurt you. Take a minute to evaluate those in your life and how they make you feel about yourself, and why they make you feel that way, particularly in love relationships. Do not allow yourself to be so afraid of the answers that you don’t ask yourself the questions. If you’re feeling anxious about really asking yourself about a certain person or situation, to begin with, you probably already know the answer. We’ve all been there. It’s up to us to never go back there.

My real mother and I reconciled many years ago. She’s a wise woman. She has two sayings that are very much relevant to a happy life, especially if you’re dealing with mental or emotional pain:

  1. “Your mind is not your friend.”  This means exactly what it says. We cannot always rely on what we think because, sometimes, we find ourselves in…or put ourselves in…situations where emotions make serious decision making difficult. This can be when you’re dealing with almost anything; jobs, money, love, etc.
  2. “There are worse things than being alone.”  I think this one is obvious, however, it is something that we forget when love enters the picture. Nothing is worth the pain and other residual effects of staying in an abusive relationship. I learned this one the hard way. Nowadays, I’m full of regret and shame that I allowed a man, who was supposed to love me, to put me down as though I were a dog he didn’t want around. He was an addict and a narcissist. Though he died last year, I still struggle with the pain of losing him, and am constantly wondering what that says about me, personally.

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