I am a woman of a certain age, who has recently been diagnosed with a short list of mental issues, all of which I am indignant about. I hate the titles and decided to omit them from this profile. It sounds worse than it is, anyway, as one basically overlaps and flows into the other. I have a great psychiatrist who is a wonderful listener and has a kind heart. However, an hour isn't always enough, especially considering that I'm only just now starting down the path to wellness. This blog is my extra 'couch time'. It's where I speak honestly about what is going on in my life and is meant to give me some perspective on my issues. I felt that sharing it may help someone else, as it was another blogger whose journal prompted me to get help. I hope that you find some value in what is said here. Moreso, I hope you may come to an understanding that there are people, just like me, in almost every family, waiting for someone to let them know that it's all going to be okay.

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